I Didn’t Ever Think I’d Grow Up Spending My Day Working In A Job I Hate…


No one ever chooses this for their career when they’re little… And yet, countless clients have sat bewildered in my office – mystified how it happened. And why they ever decided to stay on with an employer, or in an environment, that whilst it paid their bills left them feeling miserable.

What If Your Work Could Feel More Like Play, Even If You Think You’re Too Old To Make a Change?

Go ahead, allow yourself to dream with me for minute – Imagine a day at your perfect work right now. See yourself enjoying and feeling valued for what you’re doing, finishing the day without stress or anxiety. And more importantly, feeling like you’re playing with whatever it is you’re doing…

What pictures and feelings came up for you? What were you doing? Go ahead and write it all down now…

And don’t even allow your beautiful self to hide behind the lie you don’t have something you love to do. There is something you spend your time doing that thrills your soul! You might not be getting paid for it, but there is something!

If you’ll allow yourself to admit you love doing whatever tinkering, fixing, helping, analyzing, studying, singing, performing, writing or teaching it is you love to do, then you just took the first step towards refreshing your career – congratulations!

Here’s another secret to finding your perfect career — The more you acknowledge the things that make you feel alive when doing them, the more clues you’ll have to the essence of the kind of work that’s just right for you.

Life Directions Institue Helps You Choose The Meaningful Work You’re Meant To Do…

If you’re alive and breathing you’ve had unique experiences that others would find extremely helpful. But until you allow yourself to fearlessly value sharing the things that bring you joy, aliveness and meaning, your work will continue to be a lifeless majority of your daily reality.

The dirty little secret of career coaching is – most places want to confuse you by making you think you have a lot of “hard choices” to make about finding your perfect career.

But there’s only really only one choice….

Do you want the rest of your career to be spent doing something you love that makes you feel alive, joyful, fun and happy when you do it, or not?

If the answer is “yes” then I invite you to get our free Refresh Your Career videos and explore our different coaching options and programs to help you make that happen.