Is Passion All You Need in Making a Successful Career Change?

Hands creating heart shapeHave you heard the popular saying “Do what you love and the money will follow”? Do you believe that passion is all you need to make a successful career change?

Unfortunately a successful career change involves much more than just pursuing your passion. You need to know the right strategies to use to make a successful transition and to be noticed.  You need to have, or acquire, all the skills you need in your new endeavor.  If your new career requires study then that has to be on your agenda, so long as you are really sure that the path you have chosen is the right one for you.

Perseverance is also an important aspect of a successful career change. Establishing yourself in a new career can be challenging and most of the time it will take you months or even years before you gain a level of recognition for your work in that field. The possibility of failing is always there and if you don’t know how to pick up the pieces when faced with setbacks you will never be successful.

A successful career change means so much more than just pursuing one’s passion. Patience, determination, optimism and self-belief are some of the ingredients you need.. It’s your attitude that makes all the difference.

I’ve not known a single person who’s been successful in his or her business who did not have passion for some aspect of their work, but often the passion is not for the obvious ingredient in the work, but rather is satisfying some deeper need.  Passion keeps you moving forward even through challenges. Passion motivates you to succeed against all odds. Passion will also help you identify the things that you love doing and will also help in identifying your long term goals.

If you are genuinely passionate about what you are doing, work won’t feel like work at all. For some lucky people the passion is for the "thing"….what it is they do every day. Michael Jordan once revealed that the secret to his successful basketball career is that he is very passionate about basketball and was constantly motivated to do his best and do better in his skills. Michael Jordan’s passion towards basketball translated to a successful career and, of course, millions of dollars!  

For others, the passion is for what that employment or business will provide them.  Others find their passion in their sense of contribution, of what they are genuinely contributing to individuals, organisations or society.

Many successful people from all areas of expertise attribute their success to their coach.  A great coach guides and supports, cajole and motivates, questions and challenges, congratulates and celebrates. A great career coach supports you as you make your career change, from decision making to making strong first impressions in your new job. For many career changers their coach helped them discover and apply their patience, determination, optimism and confidence, and that made all the difference. 

We’d love the privilege of helping you achieve your career goals and make the changes you need to make.  Contact Life Directions Institute today.