Take Charge of Your Own Career Planning

Dream Job SignpostIt is very unlikely that you will have your dream career simply handed to you. Achieving your dream career will involve planning, patience and lots of hard work for most people, but the outcome makes it all worthwhile.

To compete in today’s job market you need to proactively plan your career strategies.  Your career development is your personal responsibility. It is especially important for mature workers to take charge of their career to ensure that their future working life is fulfilling and productive. 

It is also wise for mature workers to take their career planning to the next level, to plan ahead to the fulfilling work they may choose to do when they leave their employment. After all, for many people the idea of creating financial independence through some business in which they use their skills and experience is a far more realistic and exciting prospect than having a traditional retirement with little money to live on.  

It is up to you, and you alone, to take time to evaluate where you want your career to go and what you can do to get there.

Don’t dwell on what’s not working. Don’t get stuck in a job you dislike just because it pays well and it has been your comfort zone for years. There’s a big world of opportunities out there. Move on and find a career that will give you the happiness and fulfilment you deserve.  Your career development is up to you, but great help is available to guide you as you make your major decisions.

·         Be well aware of your transferable skills, preferences and the current labour market.

·         Conduct in-depth research about your industry or the occupation in which you are seeking work. Read news updates and articles in newspapers. Subscribe to newsletters coming from professional associations and career websites. You can also make online searches and read insights and reviews about career trends.

·         Work with a career coach. Planning is best done when you have an expert to help you in the whole process. A career coach can also direct you to opportunities as well as provide tools, strategies and training to help you move forward in your career.

·         Be specific about what you want from your career and when you want that change to happen. The more specific you are about the details of your career plan, the clearer your objectives will become. Set a personal deadline and don’t forget to celebrate your progress.

·         Be realistic but daring. Keep your goals reasonable but don’t stop dreaming of bigger things to happen in your career because of a fear of failing. Be daring and aim higher. Examine your skills, personal goals and financial capabilities before setting your career goals. Everything’s possible if you have the right mindset.

We are all responsible for our personal career success or failure. We need to proactively take charge of our career development plans and determine the steps to achieving our dream career.  Life Directions Institute can assist you as you plan a new career direction, look for opportunities to use your skills and experience in a different role or industry, or explore your entrepreneurial ideas so you can sack the boss and create the life you want. Contact us now and we will get you moving towards your dream career with strategies and support.