Is Fear Stopping You from Making a Successful Career Change?

Woman showing fear

Is fear stopping you from pursuing a career change? Is the thought of breaking into a new industry daunting to you? Have you been doing the same job for the last twenty or thirty years and would like to do something new but the idea of leaving your comfort zone terrifies you? Yes, a change of career can be daunting but you should never use fear as an excuse to deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding career. There is more to life than just working in a job you dislike. Here are some tips to overcome career change fears. Overcome fear before it robs you of your career dreams!

Know your motivations. When you are clear about the reasons why you need a career change, there is no reason why you should be afraid of pursuing a new career – a career that will give you the happiness that evaded you in your former job. In addition, money should not be the sole reason for your big career move. You’ve got to have the right career change motivations unless you want to experience the same problems you had in your past job.

Be clear about your career goals. Understand the things that you like and dislike in your current job. Understanding your career goals will help you decide whether you want to stay in your current job or make a major career change.

·         Analyse your fears. Write down all your fears of making a big career change. By doing this you’ll understand what’s stopping you from changing to a better career.  This will allow you to analyse clearly if these fears are real or imagined and if they are powerful enough to make you stay in your present job.

·         Take one step at a time. Some people get so excited when changing careers that they jump too soon. Take smaller steps. Plan out your career change steps first. Get more information about your new career. If you need to go back to further study for your new career, go ahead and do it! Taking small steps will prevent you from committing big career change blunders.

·         Know yourself better. List down all the things that gives you happiness, your interests and the kind of work environment you want to have.

·         Be financially ready for it! Financial difficulty caused by making an unwise career change is one of the greatest fears of many people who, otherwise, would love to change their career. Create a practical analysis of all the expenses you may occur because of the changes you are making, then consider your “worst case scenario” of the job not being right for you.  Could you cope financially while looking for another job?

·         Have someone help you as you make the transition. You will need all the support you can get from your family and friends. Aside from them, seeking the help of an expert career coach will benefit you a lot. Their professional expertise will help you make good career decisions so that you’ll avoid making major career mistakes that may have negative effects on your life! Life Directions Institute will assist you to identify and succeed in satisfying work and life roles that fulfil your innate strengths, skills, talents and professional interests and in concurrence with your values and aspirations.  Life Directions Institute career coaches support you as you make your decisions, as you make your changes and as you adapt to your new role. 

Considering a career change is not that easy. The fear of the unknown is normal but fear should not stop us from doing something that will give us happiness and fulfilment. When you are able to address your fears and move forward slowly but surely, you will never go wrong. If you are completely equipped with all the skills and knowledge you need in your new career, a career change can be a beautiful and life-changing experience!