The Art of Saying NO: How to Say NO at Work

Saying NO at work is something that many workers find difficult to do. People are afraid to turn down their boss and colleagues because they’re afraid of hurting their career, of not making a good impression at work. It is a reality that many employers today expect their employees to go the extra mile and work more than the regular tasks given to them. From managers to rank-and-file employees, workers say yes to all the demands being asked from them because they want to  maintain good relationships with colleagues and supervisors.

Saying yes to everything your boss wants you to do can be a good strategy at times. It shows how efficient and dependable you are. It will also give you the advantage in bagging that big promotion and the salary increase. But life is more than just the four corners of your office. You need a life!

So how do we say no without risking our careers?  How do we turn down our boss politely when we are asked to do overtime? Here’s a tip: say no directly but maintain politeness. Be professional and respectful about turning an extra task down. Don’t make excuses or flatter your boss when saying no, just explain politely why that is your decision.  Don’t belittle your own skills, but if you feel the task is beyond your current skill level then explain that you haven’t had training in that particular task and so would prefer not to be put in the position of potentially not doing it correctly.

The learn the art of learning how to say “no” you first have to understand why you keep on saying “yes” to everything your boss asks you to do. Some people do it because they don’t want to risk their jobs and lose their boss’s favour. Others say “yes” because they don’t want to disappoint people. People pleasers are particularly vulnerable to this.

It is important to think before committing to anything out of the ordinary that your boss asks you to do. Do you have the competencies to do what is expected of you in this task? You also need to make sure that your me-time won’t be compromised. Never sacrifice your time off from work for an extra load because your  work life balance will suffer, eventually causing stress. You need to know your priorities and your own personal boundaries.

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