Need Career Directions? Get a Career Coach!

Numerous studies have confirmed that work pressure and occupational worries and insecurities are some of the leading causes of stress and unproductivity. The number of workers experiencing work stress has increased steadily for the past few decades. A survey examining 800,000 workers in over 300 companies in the United States found that an estimated 1 million workers are absent from work every day because of work stress.

If you are one of these workers, what are you doing about it? Are you one of the many workers around the world who choose to ignore symptoms of work stress for fear of unemployment? Or are you the kind who won’t put up with a job that doesn’t work for you anymore? Are you someone who thinks outside the box and is ready to pursue your passion and interests and make money out of it?

Deciding on a career change will of course require a lot of consideration. It has been proven that a career change has a better success rate when you work with a person who can give you all the support and expert advice you need. Support which also gives you strategies and skills is your best choice, so you can achieve meaningful employment now and then manage your career successfully into the future. A professional career coach is capable of providing you with the tools you need to successfully shift from one career field to another. Consider the advantages:

  1.  A career coach will help you know yourself much better. They will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses so that you can identify a career that will best fit your kind of personality and lifestyle.
  2.  A career coach will give you encouragement and inspiration and will motivate you in pursuing a career that will give you fulfilment.
  3. A career coach will help you with time management so you can achieve work life balance.
  4. A career coach will help you develop new skills that you will need to be successful in a new career.

But don’t just choose any career coach.  You don’t want one who got their qualifications “out of the Corn Flakes packet”, or worse one with no qualifications at all! Career Development is a profession and if you are going to work with a career coach it must be someone who has professional career qualifications.

One of the issues which a professional career coach can help you with is Work life Balance. Work life balance is very important as it strengthens one’s productivity and protects workers from suffering serious illnesses brought about by stress. Today’s workers have a lot of responsibilities – work, family, housework and more. All of these responsibilities trigger stress and hamper a worker’s ability to become productive and find fulfilment in their work. Achieving work and life balance is a skill that everyone should master. A career coach can help you achieve a healthy balance between work and life by allowing you to analyse your priorities and life goals.

If you can’t find the reason to be happy in your current job anymore, and if achieving work-life balance is something that you’re having a hard time to achieve, seeking the help of a career coach will help you big time! Life Directions Institute help people who want to know the best direction to their career success and then head in that direction. Contact us now to learn more!