Midlife Career Change at 40 or 50? It can be your Encore!

According to statistics, most people in urban countries will change their careers many times in their lifetime. Gone were the days when people would stick to one career all their working life. Many people nowdays realize the vast opportunities available to them.

Making midlife changes in your professional career is entirely a different thing from making those changes in your twenties. Back then it was easier to make decisions because you had fewer responsibilities. As a mature worker you will most likely have a lot more to consider if you want to make a career change. Your financial responsibilities such as paying for a mortgage or educating a family are likely to be a big constraint on your freedom to make decisions. You may also be at the peak of your career and be earning very well. For many, a badly planned career change that this stage of life could involve losing a lot.  But a well planned career change could mean gaining even more.

 Careful planning is essential if you want to make a major career change.

1.       Know your strengths and capabilities. List all your skills. What are the skills in which you consider yourself an expert? What tasks do you hate doing the most? Work with your strengths. By recognizing them you will have a clearer view of the skills you can use to succeed in your new endeavor.

2.       Once you have recognized what you actually enjoy doing and do well, then identify where these skills could be used, in an environment that suits you. Consider the type of industry you would like to participate in. Do you want to explore your opportunities in the corporate world? Do you want to work from home?  Are you interested in a supporting or care-giving role?  What about exploring  money-making opportunities online?

3.       Consider your budget. Starting a new business will require you to spend money. This might automatically rule that option out. Do you have enough savings for the kind of business that you have in mind? Are you willing to take the risk of borrowing money from the bank or any other financial institutions? Will it not hurt your budget if you invest big for a business that you want to establish? Remember that a midlife career change will involve greater risks (financially!) so be very careful in this area.

4.       Identify the kind of lifestyle that you want to achieve.  Do you want a business that will allow you to travel some of the time? Do you need your business to be portable? Are you a homebody and would like to work from home some of the time?  Are you interested in working for yourself?

5.       Start now!  You’ll never be younger, so you might as well draw the line in the sand and start considering what you will do.  With the advancements in technology so many opportunities for work now exist, not necessarily restricted by where you live or the industry in which you work.  Many people telecommute sometimes, others have used technology to create outstanding businesses from their own home. It is time to get your network going and find the perfect opportunity for you.

6.       Don’t struggle on your own.  Life Directions Institute Career Encore program support you as you design the next stage of your life then plan the many exciting ways you can build a financially viable business.

7.       Leverage your opportunities by learning solutions that are designed to help you become financially successful in your new venture. The Six Figure Mentors is the perfect solution for those who want a supportive environment that trains them to make money online. 

8.       Now is the best time to reinvent your life, to live your dreams and to materialize your visions. If you have the right perspective as well as clear and achievable goals, turning your plans into reality is easy. Contact me to find out how you can make midlife career changes successfully and with support.