What Makes a Successful Career Change?

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. – Confucius

Are some people really born to succeed? Is success achieved through pure luck? No! Success is not a birthright. Success comes to people who have the right attitude – the winning attitude. Here are some common characteristics of people who successfully made a career change.

1.       They give their best. They always put their best foot forward and devote their time and effort to ensuring their career change success.

2.       They understand that great things can come from small beginnings. They are not worried about trying out new things and face challenges as they come.

3.       They are innovative. Those who are successful with their career change are always passionate about making a difference. They are those who think “out of the box.”

4.       They are focused on their goal and that is to be successful in their new field!

5.       They accept failure. These people are neither overwhelmed nor discouraged with failures. They see all obstacles as opportunities to grow.

6.       They are optimistic. They are always hopeful and positive about their future and are not risk adverse.

Any change will require a certain degree of risk. A career change takes time and even a few failures at times.

But how do you define “failure”?  You may not get the first job you apply for, but that isn’t failure, it’s just that you were not the person they needed for that job at that time.

Don’t personalise disappointments, but use them as a learning tool.  Are you using the right job search strategies and do you have all the right tools to be successful?   If you don’t have those job search strategies and tools, then seek help to gain that edge and soon you will have the confidence to strive forward knowing that you are well prepared and ready to accept exciting challenges.

Your attitude towards your career change is the key to ensuring your success. Failing or succeeding during a career change is not a consequence but a decision. Choose to be successful! Contact Life Directions Institute now and learn how you can make a positive career change!