How to Use LinkedIn to Assist Your Successful Career Change

The world has changed in many ways in the last 25 years.  Almost everything can be done on the internet. Opportunities not available in the past have now become readily available, thanks to the worldwide web.

There was a time when “networking” meant meeting your business colleagues regularly through an organisation that you had in common.  Now you can effectively network with people from all over the world whilst sitting in your pyjamas in front of the television! LinkedIn in particular is considered one of the best social media tools designed for professionals and business owners. LinkedIn has tools and great features which help many people find jobs or promote their businesses. LinkedIn allows its users to create professional relationships and get leads through networking with experts and prospective customers. And the bonus is that you can enjoy LinkedIn’s advantages free of charge.

For career changers, LinkedIn is a great venue to advertise your expertise. It has more than a hundred million professionals signed up worldwide in more than 140 industries. Business professionals from all types of businesses, even Fortune 500 companies, are using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is easy to use and is also a good way to gain new friends and business associates. It is used by many professionals around the world so increasing your network is very easy.

There are several ways that you can use LinkedIn for your career change. You just need to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively.

  • Your profile is an important part of LinkedIn so create an impressive one. Complete your profile, not forgetting to include your work history. Optimise your profile and use it to promote yourself for the new career you want. Write a good summary explaining your career objective and competencies.  In your profile include the main keywords associated with your role and industry.
  • Give emphasis to your transferable skills or skills that you can use in different work environments or work roles.
  • Show online that you are an expert in your industry. Be updated with what’s being discussed on LinkedIn within your industry. Give professional and intelligent comments on other people’s posts. Build a good reputation online. Use LinkedIn Answers, a tool in which members can share their expertise by answering questions from other LinkedIn users. Showcase your expertise by answering some of the questions posted.
  • Ask people from your network to write a recommendation for you. Word of mouth referral is still a good marketing tool you can use to promote yourself.
  • Join LinkedIn groups to build your network. You can also create your own group and invite your industry connections to your group. LinkedIn groups also allow you to gain business referrals.
  • Link your LinkedIn profile to your blog site, Twitter or Facebook account. This will help you increase your online presence.

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool used by millions of users around the world. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet you should join now and take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

If you need help in maximising LinkedIn for your career change or developing other strategies for your career change contact Life Directions Institute now!