Achieve Your Full Career Potential With A Core Values Test

A surprisingly large number of adults, people who are employed and seem successful in their jobs, are still unsure whether the work that they do is the right career for them.

Some work in a field they are not excellent at, motivated by higher salaries. The problem with having money as one’s sole career motivation is that people end up unhappy with their jobs because it is not in line with their interests in the first place. Their opportunity to grow professionally is also affected. A salary-driven career choice can lead to failure and disappointment.

So how do we know what career is right for us? Or better yet, how do we discover our career values? The answer to this is simple: self assessment. Self assessment is a general term which means understanding one’s priorities, values, interests and competencies. Through the help of a career coach, we can effectively do a self assessment and then understand what it is telling us, so that we can understand what kind of work will satisfy us and will best fit our personality.

Here are some personal aspects that we need to look into when conducting a self assessment for career development:

  1. Personality assessment – A personality assessment is done to check whether our personalities are suited to our career choices. An example for this would be that an introvert will never be suited for a job that involves speaking with people like jobs in sales and customer service.
  2. Skills Assessment – It is obviously important to consider your skills and competencies when deciding on which career to choose. This means that for you to be successful in a particular career, you need to be good at it. Only then can you be productive.
  3. Interests assessment – This is done to help you identify activities that give you satisfaction. Are you in a job you like? Are you enjoying the tasks you do in relation to your type of work? What are the things that you would definitely work on if money was never an issue? These preferences are called your interests and they will help you identify the kind of job that will allow you to grow career-wise. 
  4. Values assessment – Your values are possibly the most important factor when considering a career. They are the core of you as a person; the person who remains with you throughout your life.  Your core values direct how you feel about and react to situations and people. If you don’t consider your values when choosing a career, you are most likely to end up unhappy and dissatisfied with your career choice.

Many people choose the wrong career because they ask themselves the wrong questions. They often find themselves unhappy and their career growth stagnant because they haven’t assessed their real values. Taking a Core Values Test will help you understand your true self, and the best way in which you can achieve your full potential. Life Directions Institute offers a Core Values Test in its coaching packages so that you can unveil your true calling and integrate it with your career choices. Contact Life Directions Institute now to learn more!