Do You Really Need a Career Change?

The internet revolution has brought tremendous changes to how people view their career and their career development. Gone are the days when people would settle for a mediocre career that gave them mediocre opportunities. More opportunities are now available to people who are looking for greener pastures or who would like to pursue a career that fits well with their interests and passions.

While it is tempting, on a bad day at work, to spontaneously decide on a career change, career experts caution workers to consider a few things before making the leap.

  1. What’s your motivation for making the career change? Are you constantly unhappy in your current job? Does your company neglect to provide its employees with a good career development program or does it lack opportunities for career growth?
  2. Are you financially ready for a change? You may need to invest in yourself, through career development support and knowledge, before you are able to make a successful career change.
  3. Is your decision to make a change likely to make a great difference in your overall personal development?

Here are a few tips on how you can make sure that a career change will work for you before you make the plunge:

  • Assess your needs, priorities and experiences. A career change has a greater chance of success if you know what you really want to happen in your career. Is a career change what you really need at the moment? Do your goals points toward a change of career? Are your experiences suitable enough the kind of job you want to pursue?
  • Make sure you don’t end up job hopping as you change careers. This is why it is important to assess your motivation in making the career change. Is it just the money? Is the new career which you would like to pursue something that will not just fulfil your passion and interests but also a career which has the potential to give you financial freedom?
  • Make sure that you really need the change and are ready for it in all aspects, including your finances. Do you have the means to survive a career transition? Is your family aware of your planned career change? Will it affect your personal long term goals?
  • Could you consider staying in your current company but moving on to a different role. Many people manage to follow their passion and have a successful career without having to change jobs or industries, just by recognising and seeking potentially interesting jobs within the company that employs them.
  • Do your research. Before you make a change, it would help if you see what first-hand knowledge you can gather . Talk to people who are working in the field you want to pursue. Network with people. You can seek membership of professional associations or simply join online networks like those found on LinkedIn.

A career change can be a life-changing experience when you are well-equipped to face the challenges ahead. Life Directions Institute specialises in career change and career transition, whether that be to a conventional job, a new career or the beginning of your new business. Our expert career mentors will guide you as you switch to a successful and fulfilling career. Contact Life Directions Institute for more information!