Take Control of Your Career Development!

In today’s corporate world, it is not enough to rely on your employers to support your career development. As the competition within business becomes tougher, the need to manage your own career effectively becomes more and more important.

What does career development in the modern corporate world mean? It involves more strategic career goals, constantly updating your skills and being on the lookout for new opportunities. It also means being open to changes when necessary. In short, we need to own our career development. Below are some steps for you to implement.

  1. Seek the advice of your career mentor. Mentors can help you create a good career development plan based on your interests, skills and passion. Seek a mentor who is genuinely interested in your career growth. Life Directions Institute’s expertise is career mentorship. We offer different programs designed to meet each client’s different needs. Life Directions Institute provides professional services related to all aspects of working life.
  2. Learn more, improve more! Constantly aim to improve what you do. Continuously improve your skills by keeping up to date with training as well as updating your industry expertise. Broaden your skill set. This will give you an advantage over competition in being offered better opportunities in the future.
  3. Keep your goals real. Identify your long term and short term career goals and base your career development plan on these goals. Create goals that are achievable and realistic. A good plan of action should always accompany your list of career goals
  4. Always assess your work progress. It is essential that all your career development efforts result in positive outcomes. This is why it is important to consistently measure your progress. Your mentor can help you assess your progress and will also assist you in making adjustments to your career development plan.
  5. Move on if you need to. It is time to let go if you are working for a company which cannot provide you with opportunities to improve your career. Know your options. Is a change of work environment all you need or are you ready for self employment? Talk to your career mentor or find a qualified and experienced career counsellor or coach to help you strategise your plans for change.