So You’re Promoted. Now What?

So you’ve been promoted! There’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than getting a promotion. Having worked hard for many years, being recognised for your contribution and achievements is definitely rewarding!

For some, a change of role can be overwhelming. Even for people who’ve had several promotions in the past, a change of career role can be challenging. Your colleagues may start to treat you differently. Because of your new role and responsibilities people will count on your leadership and expect you to make the final decisions. Making the transition from being a follower to becoming a leader can be difficult if you do not have natural leadership ability.

You also have to consider the new skills that are required from you in your new role. You have to meet the expectations of your superiors and colleagues. You may have to update your skills and learn new ones. Take advantage of your company’s in-house training programs and other career development activities.

To help you during this transition period, here are some tips to help you deal with the changes associated with your change of career role:

1.       Understand your role. Know what to expect from your new responsibilities. Understand the expectations of your boss and colleagues. Understanding these expectations will help you perform well and will avoid unmet expectations and frustrations.

2.       Set new goals for yourself. What do you want to achieve in your new role? You should set personal and professional goals for yourself without disregarding your own expectations as well as those of your colleagues.

3.       Start off right with your new boss and colleagues. Building relationships is an important part of your new role. Talk to your boss and colleagues about how you can excel in your new role. It would also be great if you can discuss with them their expectations of you. Be professional all the time and always be respectful to your peers no matter how small or big their roles are in your organisation.

4.       Focus on learning during the first few weeks in your new role. It is given that your new organisational position demands you to learn new skills and be familiar with new tasks. Learn all the things you need to learn!

5.       Celebrate with your family and friends. It’s time to splurge a little. Reward yourself for a job well done and share your happiness with your loved ones.

Career development is an ongoing process. Getting a promotion is the best time to prioritise your career development. Life Directions Institute offers different programs designed specifically to meet each client’s different needs. Contact Life Directions Institute now for more information!