How to Please Your Boss

Your boss is probably the most significant person who can influence your career success. Your boss is very beneficial in ensuring your career growth. His or her impressions about you have a great impact on your career success.

In any working environment a harmonious relationship between a boss and his employees is very important. Bosses and employees with chaotic relationships often result in unproductiveness, conflicts and job loss. It is therefore important to nurture the boss’ and employee’s work relationship.

So how do you get your boss’ trust and favour? Here are some suggestions:

  • Take the lead. Be responsible. Workers who take their responsibilities seriously are more likely to get their boss’ favour. Be productive and don’t hesitate to take on other responsibilities as much as possible.
  • Follow office rules. Be disciplined at all times and be a good example to your colleagues. Never violate office rules.
  • Keep your personal life and work separate. Do not allow personal problems to affect your productivity. Always be in control of your emotions and stay focused on your career success.
  • Be organised. Keep your workstation neat and clean. Keep your files uncluttered. Always prepare a daily, weekly and monthly organiser to keep you in control of your tasks and deadlines.
  • Be a good listener. Pay attention to your boss when he is speaking. Listen attentively to your colleagues when it is their turn to speak and be open to accept and offer suggestions when necessary.
  • Be friendly. Avoid being involved in office conflicts. Refrain from gossip. Be nice to everyone and always say pleasant things to people.
  • Be eager to learn. Constantly update your skills and acquire new ones. You need to cope with the innovations that the modern corporate world offers today. Make every effort to be updated especially with technical innovations and global business trends.

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