Deal With Career Setbacks Positively!

Career setbacks are normal. It’s part of your career journey. Every worker, old or new, has met setbacks at one time or another. Perhaps you were not given enough recognition for a project you have worked hard on, or got a negative performance appraisal. Perhaps you didn’t get the promotion and you believe that you deserved it more than the person who got it. Or maybe you were one of those laid off due to bad economic conditions.

Career setbacks can happen anytime. It can even happen to the most successful career person in the world. The corporate world is not a bed of roses. Disappointments can happen even if you are at the peak of your career success. Challenges we face in our career are common and are sometimes inevitable. We just have to deal with it positively. Here are some steps to consider when dealing with career setbacks.

  • Give yourself a break. A setback is not always your fault. Don’t blame yourself for things over which you don’t have any control. You can be laid off even if you are doing well in the company. Take some time to fully realise the reason for the setback. Spend some time away from work and reflect on the things you need to do to get back on your feet. Time always heals all wounds. We just have to use it to our advantage.
  • Get your support system. Talk to your family, your most trusted friends and to your career mentor for advice and support during these trying times. Life Directions Institute offers different levels of support no matter what your current career situation and needs are.  We are focused towards helping you thrive in a career that’s best for you.
  • Consider your options. Work on the possibilities. If you’ve been given a negative performance evaluation, it’s time to talk to your boss and ask for his advice on how you can improve in your role. Confront all your weaknesses and overcome all the negative feelings you have towards your job. Focus on your strengths and develop your confidence. If you’ve been laid off, consider other opportunities available. Use your interests and passion to decide on the best career path to take.
  • Re-examine your goals. Perhaps you need a change of career direction, or maybe your circumstances have changed and you need to redefine your goals. Assess your priorities and current situation in redefining your goals.

Our careers, just like all the different aspects of our life, don’t always go according to plan. The important thing when dealing with setbacks is our disposition towards the situation. Remember that success is not just measured through the battles we have won but also on how we survived during our failures.