Tips on Changing How You Feel at Work

Work can sometimes be frustrating, annoying and stressful. However, no matter how stressful your job can sometimes be, you need to know how to handle your emotions at work and deal with problems professionally if you want to grow your career.

There are many factors affecting how we feel about work. Some people have to face office bullies every day. Some have a “monster boss.” Others complain about their jobs being too demanding of their time. Still others suffer from work pressure, competition or salary discontent. Whatever your circumstance, you can change your perception towards work by following these simple steps:

1.       Understand what triggers work stress. Do this by evaluating your current work condition. Are you unhappy with your salary? Are you in an uncomfortable work environment? Is your boss being too demanding? Is the problem your job or is it you? By learning what triggers your anxieties at work, you will be able to come up with effective solutions to change your work perception.

2.       Focus on anger management. When we are unhappy with our job, we sometimes tend to get angry at our boss, colleagues or even our family. People become irritable.  However, we must realise that sudden outbursts of emotion are bad for us in all aspects. It clouds our ability to think rationally and drains us of our energy so make the decision to control your anger and irritability when faced with career issues so you can be more productive and happier at work.

3.       Adapt to changes. People who can’t easily adapt to changes at work become easily unhappy and discouraged. However, we must understand that changes can sometimes be good. If you want to grow professionally  you have to let go of your comfort zone and embrace changes at work. Doing this will enrich your skills and can open a door of opportunities for you.

4.       Be optimistic. Unmet work expectations, disappointments, conflicts with co-workers can be frustrating but we must realise that these are all part of our career. There is no such thing as a perfect career so learn to embrace your job’s imperfections. Developing a positive attitude is the key to surviving bad times and enjoying a fruitful career.

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