Want a Promotion? Attitude is the Key!

Why is it that some people can easily get a promotion and some don’t? What are the things that allow them to get promoted so easily? Is there a secret to successfully getting a promotion?

We all know the ingredients to achieving a successful career – knowledge, talent and skills combined, as well as experience. While all of these are important if you want to achieve greatness in your career (and perhaps a promotion), there is one thing that is more important than all of these things combined – the right attitude.

These days getting a job and even retaining it is quite difficult given the current financial crisis. Climbing up a corporate ladder nearly always means facing tough competition.  Remember that the best person for the job doesn’t always get the job. While performance and experience are important aspects of getting a promotion, employers often consider attitude and personal values when choosing an employee for promotion.  Those who possess the right work attitude are more likely to get a promotion.

Do you get along well with your colleagues? Are you passionate about your job? Do you take pride in what you do? Are you enthusiastic and positive about your job no matter what challenges you face? Are you concerned with your company’s welfare? Are you a leader? Do you believe in your company’s goals? If you possess all of these then you have a good chance at getting that promotion.

To get promoted you will have to work hard, have a great personality and be loved. Those who get promoted are people who are considered indispensable, an asset to the company. By becoming competent, trustworthy and likeable your  climb up the corporate ladder will be made easier.

A promotion usually comes with a salary increase. If you want a successful promotion, you will have to invest time in your career development. Life Directions Institute offers solutions to career advancement through outstanding coaching sessions and other career tools to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We offer great resources to help you move forward towards your goals.