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Career Advantage Program

This is your "in a hurry" program.  It's for when you have an immediate problem at work or want to change jobs soon.  In three sessions with your coach you will consider the realities of the situation, plan and then implement strategies to improve the situation. You will enjoy the benefits of having someone to support you, to listen and clarify your thoughts so you can maximize your chance of solving your current problem.

Career Makeover Program

Is it time for a Makeover?  I don't mean hair, makeup and a new wardrobe but a change in your working life.  This may involve a career change or it may mean showing a different aspect of yourself in your current job. It may involve a change of employer or seeking new opportunities within the organisation where you currently work.  Having professional support as you make these changes gives you perspective and clarity about what you want and what you need to do.

Career Mastery Program

Career Mastery is all about aiming to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.  If it is a big career change you want, then that is what we will work towards.  Or perhaps it is promotion within your current organisation.  Maybe you are already in a senior position and want to enhance your leadership and management skills to maximize your effectiveness.  With clear focus and supportive coaching, the world is your oyster!

Career Encore: Profit From Your Experience

You've done lots of things, have skills, knowledge and experience and your traditional career path is almost complete.  So is it now time to retire quietly into oblivion?  No way!  Now it's time to rev it up a notch and start doing the things that you didn't have the time or opportunity to do before!  What skills and experience do you have that will form the basis for a "laptop lifestyle" business, or a complete change of pace for your employment?  Now's the time you can start to profit from your experience and create a worklife that enables you to do the things you really want to do.