Career Advantage

Career Advantage is for those who want to get a new job quickly and with a bit of support.  

Perhaps you want to escape a hostile work environment, a wretched daily  commute or are feeling pressure from loved ones to improve your work-life balance.

Do you need more help finding a better job than you need support in figuring out what kind of work you’re best suited for? Then this package will give you all the career tools you need to manage your entire job search process while finding the job most in harmony with your happiness and values. It's your way of getting a lot of professional help for little financial outlay.

What's included with your CAREER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM


  • Three personal coaching sessions (timed to fit your schedule) with a professionally trained and experienced career coach.Together, you’ll evaluate and discover your strengths and get clear about your career goals.  You’ll be supported as you manage each stage of the job search process and consider your next most empowering step.
  • Access to our proprietary members only Career Toolkit Profile Builder and Resume/CV Builder.  The toolkit is a self-directed,  step-by-step program to help you examine what has and hasn’t worked for you in your career and to build your resume based on this career profile. 
  • Upgrade Discounts. If after finishing the CAREER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM you want to further explore the career options and  choices best suited to your skills and passions, you can easily upgrade to our CAREER MAKEOVER PROGRAM at a special discounted rate!