Career Management Services

Life Directions Institute can assist with the Career Management needs of your organisation. Call today to discuss what you are seeking and we will tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements.

Maximise the Potential of your Staff

Does your organisation suffer from having “square pegs in round holes”? People work best when they are doing work that is true to their core values, using their innate and learned skills, and feeling confident that they can do the tasks that are required of them. Are some of your staff not using their best combination of skills and experience because of their role at work? Are their jobs congruent with their core values?


Don’t lose your best people! Work with their strengths, maximise their potential, and you’ll be amazed at how your staff engagement and productivity will skyrocket.


Your top people carry a huge weight on their shoulders. Support for executives in your organisation can impact amazingly not just on the individual but on all those who work with them. Strong management equates to a strong business, and strong management is possible when the executives are focused, balanced and finding fulfillment in their work. Our Executive Coaching is professional, but always focused on the individual; equally supportive and challenging when required; conducted when and how it best suits the individual.


Enabling your staff to show their true value at work is healthy for your business and for your staff. Our workshops empower each individual to understand the contribution they can make and the value they bring to their work. It’s a risk! Some of them may realise that they can contribute more and want to discuss their personal career path within the company. Others may chose to leave….but if the individual and the organisation are not a good fit, is this not a good thing?


Outplacement services are also available, to assist staff to manage their transition to the next stage of their working life. Life Directions Institute deals with small scale outplacement (up to 20 staff) and works closely with an affiliate Outplacement company to manage larger scale outplacement services.

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