Career Mastery

Career Mastery Program: From Frustration to Freedom

 You’ll love this program if you’re considering changing your work role, your work role or your industry and want to make the transition as safely and confidently as possible.  

Does your career feel stale, out of date, out of touch, and your current work is no longer  satisfying you?

Are you seeking promotion and want to be noticed, for all the right reasons?

Do you have skills you want to explore beyond what your current work allows you to use?  

Are your work-life priorities insanely out of balance?

The CAREER MASTERY program will help you find the work you’re meant to do.  Not only will you get tools to help identify your hidden talents.  You’ll discover how to turn the things you love doing into work you truly love. And you’ll be amazed at the value you will be offered!




  • Additional Personal Coaching Sessions: Twelve career coaching sessions with one of our most experienced coaches.  If you’re upgrading from Career Advantage or Career Makeover you can change coaches for a new perspective or continue using your current coach over the 16 week period.
  • Your Wealth Dynamics profile – Discover how to use your strengths to your best advantage to maximise your impact in the workplace.  Your profile pinpoints the sort of role in which you will shine, and with what combination of colleagues.  If you want to boost your current effectiveness, you’re considering taking a leadership role or self-employment, this report will be priceless in finding your career success and happiness.  If you are changing jobs it will empower you to know with which work colleagues you will work best and with whom you should form alliances for your mutual benefit.

And many more empowering BONUSES to give you that ongoing added advantage in your career management from now on…

  • CLARITY Video Series   For seven weeks a thought provoking video will be sent by email guiding you toward greater personal Clarity about your next career move and personal insight into how to make a smooth transition.
  • Getting the Balance Right eBook, video and audio (mp3 so you can listen on the way to work!) – Filled with strategies and empowering audio exercises to improve your worklife balance and management of time.  Getting your work life balance right will help you to structure the next phase of your life.   Learn how to maintain harmony between your career and personal life, enjoy the personal changes you’ve made and turn all your coaching efforts into a life-changing experience with greater ease.